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We will work with your university or school to provide branded clothing, graduation gifts, promotional freshers giveaways and more.
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ESM Branding are very proud to be one of only 7 contracted merchandise suppliers to over 90% of the universities, colleges and schools in the UK.

The rigorous tender process alone took 2 years and the 4 year contract worth an estimated £8million was a superb win for the ESM team, and serves as recognition of both our first rate customer service and our dedication to a better merchandise experience.

ESM Branding works closely with universities and schools across the UK to provide branded clothing, graduation gifts, promotional freshers giveaways and more. University merchandise can be sold through bespoke web shops that are run and managed by ESM, providing a cost effective way of selling promotional uni products.

Got a merchandise enquiry for your school or university?

You can get in touch now and we’ll give you a price today! 0345 345 6060.

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Contact Us

+44 (0) 345 345 6060

The Studios
Luckings Estate
Magpie Lane
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Please request one of our catalogues or get in touch for some branded merchandise ideas today.

ESM Branding is a global distributor of promotional merchandise, corporate schemes, webshops and associated branding consultancy.


    about us

    Using branded merchandise as a marketing tool is certainly a challenge. So finding that one promotional item to successfully fulfil your marketing objectives is tough.

    That’s where ESM come in.

    Some of the biggest brands in the world trust ESM to manage their branded merchandise. For example branded pens, branded sweets, branded mugs, branded USB sticks, branded clothing, branded stationery and branded notebooks.
    If you’re looking for promotional merchandise consultants you can trust, you’ve come to the right place.

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