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We source promotional merchandise from our extensive global network of suppliers.
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Global Sourcing

We have an extensive network of approved suppliers from all over the globe
that covers most product categories and manufacturing processes and we have established long-term relationships with some of the finest suppliers in the world.

The majority of promotional merchandise is sourced from Asia. However, we have many trade suppliers right across Europe including many in the UK.
This allows us to pass on considerable cost savings to our clients when it comes to sourcing promotional merchandise.

We naturally take care of the import duties and customs clearance and ensure all products are ethically sourced
and comply to all EU regulations including WEEE & RoHS.


A comprehensive, robust and regularly reviewed Quality Assurance Process has allowed us to continually provide the highest quality product and service to our customers. Wet samples, raw material inspection, process inspection, end product inspection and supplier relations have proven to ensure that the best quality product is delivered to our customer.


We take our responsibility to the environment extremely seriously and you can read our environmental policy here.

For more information on our global sourcing network, get in touch with us.

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Please request one of our catalogues or get in touch for some branded merchandise ideas today.

ESM Branding is a global distributor of promotional merchandise, corporate schemes, webshops and associated branding consultancy.


    about us

    Using branded merchandise as a marketing tool is certainly a challenge. So finding that one promotional item to successfully fulfil your marketing objectives is tough.

    That’s where ESM come in.

    Some of the biggest brands in the world trust ESM to manage their branded merchandise. For example branded pens, branded sweets, branded mugs, branded USB sticks, branded clothing, branded stationery and branded notebooks.
    If you’re looking for promotional merchandise consultants you can trust, you’ve come to the right place.

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