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Bespoke Merchandise, Branded Drinkware, Event Merchandise

Fox Networks Group


Fox Networks approached ESM Branding looking for an innovative way to promote Fox Drama to media agencies.


Utilising ESM’s in house design team together we created artwork for heat changing mugs, which when filled with a hot drink revealed a zombie design. Can you guess the TV show we were promoting?! Get it touch with the answer and we’ll send you one of the mugs as a prize!


  • Custom Design
  • Branded Drinkware
  • Heat Changing Mugs


“We were delighted with our Freaky as FOX branded mugs. Definitely freaky! Very exciting to pour yourself a cup of coffee in the morning and have a bunch of creepy walkers’ hands appear. It wasn’t just the clients that loved them, but also our whole team!”
Antoine Chapuy, Senior Marketing & PR Manager, Fox Networks Group Europe & Africa

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